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"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

- Dalai Lama XIV (via hqlines)

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"There’s nothing harder
than putting yourself back
together every morning."

- wtm (via equily)

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"She’s like smoke: you think you’re seeing her clearly enough, but when you reach for her, there’s nothing there."

- Ryū Murakami, Audition (via loveyourchaos)

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How to earn money using FeaturePoints

What is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is a smartphone app which you can use to make money and get gift cards. Users are able to download free apps via FeaturePoints and test them out. Points are credited to your account every time you download an app that is listed in FeaturePoints. These points can then be exchanged for rewards.

What rewards are available?

There is a large variety or rewards, but some of them are only for people in countries such as the United States and Canada. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of worldwide rewards for other countries. The main rewards you can get are: 

How do I sign up?

Featurepoints isn’t in the app store, technically it isn’t actually an app. It is just a shortcut of the mobile website, so you will have to follow these special instructions in order to install it.

Alternatively, you can just go to on your smart device and download the app from there. Doing it this way wont give you bonus points instantly, but once you sign up and install the app, it will ask you for a referral code. 

To get the 50 bonus points, use the referral code: WGXYRK

How do I earn points?

Once FeaturePoints is downloaded and you have installed the profile, it should show you how to download your first app. After you’ve done that, click on the “get points” section and start downloading different apps to get points!
After an app has been opened for about a minute, you can go back into to the FeaturePoints app to collect your points. When you have enough points, you can exchange them for rewards!

Can I delete the apps afterwards?

Of course! Before you decide to delete any app you’ve downloaded, make sure you have completed any tutorials on the app, had it open for at least a minute and made sure that you have received your points for it. 
Many people have told me that they have found some good apps through FeaturePoints, so if you like a certain app you can just keep it

"I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without making sure you wanted it."

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"It still hurts at three a.m."

- Six Word Story (via heldenkotze)

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"I think I wanted it too much and you didn’t want it enough."

- Jay Crownover, Rule (via spvandi)

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